Our Fairy Trails

Family Fun Activities in County Kerry!

There are  two magical fairy trails to be found in the south west of Ireland in County Kerry.  These family fun activities can be found in the woodlands of both Derrynane  House and also in Darryquin, part of the demesne of Parknasilla  near Sneem on the Ring of Kerry.

Searching for fairies in Ireland

Searching for fairies

If you are looking for a great day out with your young family – this is some of the best fun you can have AND it is free!

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The fairy trails at Derrynane  House and  Parknasilla  are located in areas of great history and beautiful scenery. Derrynane House is renowned for being the home of Daniel O’Connell, the Liberator. Many visitors to this historic landmark are not yet aware of another secret treasure within this very popular visitor attraction – a recently discovered fairy trail!

The little fairy houses in Derrynane were only discovered in 2010. However,  research has  identified that this  the woodland site has been inhabited by mystical creatures for thousands of years.

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Through the ages, different materials have been used by the faeries to fabricate their dwellings, ranging from natural woodland and seashore sources to more modern contemporary materials, such as rubber from the Amazonian rain forest.

irish fairy houses, irish fairy trails

So far,  21 miniature fairy houses have been discovered in the Derrynane woods. Many children are amazed (cont.)

that they had never actually seen these houses on previous visits to the gardens.  This is really just because they never opened their eyes to this magical kingdom before.

The fairy houses in the Derryquin woods of Parkanasilla are another recent ‘discovery’  for enthusiasts of Irish Fairy Folklore. The location of these miniature homes  came to light as recently as January, 2012.

Searching for the fairy homes on the Irish Fairy Trails is a great family fun adventure. On a rainy day and in the shelter of the woods makes this a memorable day out for all. There is no fee or charge and the fairy trails are open day and night 350 days of the year!

Many children leave coins in the little houses and to date €500 has been raised for the in-shore rescue boat in Derrynane. In addition, funds raised through the sale of fairy trail maps have raised €1,400 for a local community  project,  the renovation of the Caherdaniel Village Hall (Please donate in the cafe if you download from here – below).

Irish Fairy Trails  plan to develop ongoing stories to highlight the lives and tales of how the fairies   first came to this beautiful county.

The Fairy community in Kerry has contracted local craftspeople  to maintain their homes  and the ‘Fairy House Keeper/designer’  is Ginny Darrer.  Ginny’s sister, Margot Mulcahy (MDMpr Marketing & PR) looks after the web presence and written content and Siobhan Mulcahy is the graphic designer of the maps, fairies and and other design elements.

If you would like further information on the Kerry Fairies,  email us at: ginnymargot@gmail.com  

11 thoughts on “Our Fairy Trails

  1. We are on our way to Dublin from Canada & would love to stand in the middle of a fairy ring of stones that a friend told us about. Would you know where we could find them.

    Thank you in advance, Donna

    • Head south west if you are looking for our fairy trails. The fairy rings of stone are dotted all over Ireland with Druid origins. Looking up ‘Ring Forts in Ireland’ should bring results

  2. I am delighted to see that there are fairy trails in Kerry, I have a little centre in a little village called Kilfynn it’s a children’s healing centre and we do lots of work with children. We have 2 fairies that live in Kilfynn called cocobella and ruby the rainbow fairy we are running fairy summer camps for all whom have a love of fairies. Smiles

  3. This is so inspiring, it follows up on what I experienced in Brigit’s Garden and gives it specifically to children; thank you from Canada.

  4. When I was in Kerry with my family, we got on a ghost tour bus and they broght us to a fairy ring. It was a brilliant day out and the two tour guides were very friendly

  5. Just recently was in Ireland and visited your fairy forest — this was a group of women who loved looking for the fairy houses as much as any child! Wonderful forest and what fun! Thanks!

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