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Family Fun Activities in County Kerry!

There are  two magical fairy trails to be found in the south west of Ireland in County Kerry.  These family fun activities can be found in the woodlands of both Derrynane  House and also in Darryquin, part of the demesne of Parknasilla  near Sneem on the Ring of Kerry.

Searching for fairies in Ireland
Searching for fairies

If you are looking for a great day out with your young family – this is some of the best fun you can have AND it is free!

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The fairy trails at Derrynane  House, Parknasilla  and Russborough House are located in areas of great history and beautiful scenery. Derrynane House is renowned for being the home of Daniel O’Connell, the Liberator. Many visitors to this historic landmark are not yet aware of another secret treasure within this very popular visitor attraction – a fairy trail!

The little fairy houses in Derrynane were only discovered in 2010. However,  research has  identified that this  the woodland site has been inhabited by mystical creatures for thousands of years.

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Through the ages, different materials have been used by the faeries to fabricate their dwellings, ranging from natural woodland and seashore sources to more modern contemporary materials, such as rubber from the Amazonian rain forest.




 Many children are amazed that they had never actually seen these houses on previous visits to the gardens and woodlands.  This is really just because they never opened their eyes to this magical kingdom before.

The fairy houses in the Derryquin woods of Parkanasilla came to light as recently as January, 2012. Ladies Island on the Russborough Estate, close to the Wicklow mountains, has fairy spotters enthralled. It seems as though some fairies took advantage of the solar eclipse in March 2015 and took flight  from the wilds of Kerry to set up a new commune in the lush countryside of Co. Wicklow.

Searching for the fairy homes on the Irish Fairy Trails is a great family fun adventure. On a rainy day and in the shelter of the woods makes this a memorable day out for all. There is no fee or charge and the fairy trails in Kerry are open day and night 350 days of the year.

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