The Magical World of Irish Fairy Trails

The Irish Fairy Trail Story starts!
Our story starts many years ago when the island of  Scariff were being dragged across the ocean from Beara in West Cork, to Dingle in County Kerry

Chapter One

The noise was horrendous and all the fairies immediately clamped their hands over their ears. With trembling knees they asked “What has happened”

The efforts from the past 11 days had taken their toll. The Hag of Beara  was tired and disaster was imminent .  The small small elfin like creatures who had jumped on board her ship, waited to hear the news.

“We have an impossible situation on our hands now,”  said the Hag. “I was told not to look behind as something bad would happen if I did. I couldn’t help it as my curiosity got the better of me –  so I peeked. We are all at risk now, it is everyone for themselves. Get your act together if you want to survive”.

With that, the rope broke…..and the island was marooned forever.

( visit our Fairy Story Page  – this is where you will find out more!)

The islands of Deenish and Scariff in Derrynane
The islands of Deenish and Scariff in Derrynane

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