Once in a Blue Moon

Last night the world witnessed a Blue Moon – this is a rare event that will not happen again until 2015!

When a Blue Moon appears, strange and magical things happen and for fairies it is a very special night. The blue rays from the moon give them extra flying powers and they will even venture out to sea – something they would  never risk on an ordinary night.

Last night when the Blue Moon shone, other strange lights were spotted flying over the big rock on Derrynane beach – this spectacle was caught  on camera in the early hours of the morning.

Blue Moon in Derrynane

We have more news on this story!

Just before the sun rose this morning, everything in Derrynane turned blue – even the sand! A strange light was also seen over Abbey Island too and this proves that the fairies WERE HERE last night.

The Irish Fiaries came to Derrynane  from the West
Proof that the fairies came to Derrnane beach last night and turned the sand blue
Blue Moon in Derrynane

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