The Easter Bunnies and the Fairies

Easter time for the fairies

Easter has finally arrived on the  Irish Fairy Trails and my goodness the fairies are really very happy about this.

You may have noticed that there has not been very much going on recently. The Fairies have been hibernating for the winter and sleeping a lot.  With the cold weather freezing their wings it’s hard to fly. Then there is the EASTER BUNNY situation.

Now friends,  you may have seen a scene such as this today. Bunny rabbits and Easter eggs in the woods.

Irish Fairy Trails easter bunnyPerhaps you did not see the bunnies, but found loads of eggs and ate loads of chocolate – yum!

The thing is, bunny rabbits are very scary things for fairies. They think that bunnies are monsters because some of them are bigger than their houses. IMAGINE THAT!

See  how big this bunny was in front of  Bluebelle’s fairy’s house above?

Bluebelle  just came out for a peep to see if the coast was clear when she reckoned the bunnies had gone. Was she in for a big surprise!

Those big eggs, ‘What are they? she said. “What will I do?’ because they were bigger than her front door….. and there were so many of them!

Fairy Easter eggsThen she fell on an egg and  in her efforts to move it, it broke:(

EUREKAWith her face stuck in the giant egg, she then realized that they were ALL yummy chocolate!

There are no eggs in our picture below, and Bluebelle  is hiding her tummy. Guess why?

Do the fairies think the Easter bunnies are scary anymore? NO stupid!

Fairies out again after the Easter Bunny


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