Summer is finally here – fairies rejoice!

Do you want to find some fairies? Well, you just might be lucky now!

After a long winter and a very cold spring, the fairies are just beginning to venture out in the  warmer evenings.                                                                                                               A fairy ventures out to the beach at Derrynane

If you should visit the Fairy Trails in Derrynane or Parknasilla your could easily spot a flutter through the corner of your eye as a little fairy dashes by.

A friend of ours was coming back from the  Long Beach in Derrynane the other night and thought she heard something unusual – she grabbed her phone and  to take a picture and low and behold, she caught sight of a tiny little shadow passing the sand dunes,  heading back towards the woods.

I wonder what house this little fairy lives in and what her name is ? Perhaps it was Fairy Lynn –  who we know has a house nearby.

The other thing that was noticed on the low tide late on Saturday night was a tiny boat moored  on a sand bank. Someone had made a wooden walkway over the sand so that they would not get sandy feet. We recognized the workmanship of the walkway and KNOW that the Fairies form Parknasilla MUST have been visiting their cousins!

A fairy boat arrives in Derrynane

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