A Winter Tale

Storms play havoc on fairy lives

Do you remember the beautiful summer we had in Ireland in 2013?


The fairies had a lovely time, flying and flitting about Derrynane Bay, popping down to the beach for a quick swim, and even visiting ancient sites.

But what has happened to this beautiful place where the fairies had such fun?….. well winter storms have played havoc since the Christmas holidays. Now, visiting Abbey Island is nearly impossible because the sea has taken over – except when the tide is very low.


Mere mortals cannot cross the sand to visit loved ones in this beautiful resting place.

Where once fairies  played around the dunes, a different vision now appears
Dunes in Derrynanestorm damage to dunes in kerry

And consequences are hard to bear….

But we  have high hopes that things will change again soon, because fairies love having visitors come to these magical shores and experiencing a totally unique environment….

derrynane long beach sunset


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