Fairies swim in the Wild Atlantic Way

Fairies catch  a ride to visit their cousins.

With the fine weather and lots of sunshine, our fairies have started swimming again in the Wild Atlantic Way. Luckily, it has not been very wild!

Yesterday evening, someone spotted a small fairy leaping off a rock in Parknasilla to catch a fish-ride up the estuary to visit her cousins in Derrynane.
Swimming in the Wild Atlantic Way

It was a long swim , and took over an hour. Just outside Derrynane Harbour, our little friend had a terrible fright when she spotted a HUGE fin jutting out of the water. Never in her life had she been so afraid. However it was not  anything to be scared of because it turned out to be a friendly basking shark

Basking shark  near Derrynane

A Winter Tale

Storms play havoc on fairy lives

Do you remember the beautiful summer we had in Ireland in 2013?


The fairies had a lovely time, flying and flitting about Derrynane Bay, popping down to the beach for a quick swim, and even visiting ancient sites.

But what has happened to this beautiful place where the fairies had such fun?….. well winter storms have played havoc since the Christmas holidays. Now, visiting Abbey Island is nearly impossible because the sea has taken over – except when the tide is very low.


Mere mortals cannot cross the sand to visit loved ones in this beautiful resting place.

Where once fairies  played around the dunes, a different vision now appears
Dunes in Derrynanestorm damage to dunes in kerry

And consequences are hard to bear….

But we  have high hopes that things will change again soon, because fairies love having visitors come to these magical shores and experiencing a totally unique environment….

derrynane long beach sunset


The Fairies Christmas tree

A fairy decorated Christmas Tree

The fairies have created a special Christmas tree this year and they  have decorated it in specially fabricated glass baubles. Each of these magic glass baubles has a miniature  fairy house enclosed within …. some little fairies have also managed to get in themselves! ……At least  they can stay dry from the Irish rain this week in these little glass baubles!

Fairy Christmas Tree

No Halloween Holiday for the fairies

It’s Scary for Fairies at Halloween

People may think  that Halloween is a great time for fairies, but this is not the case. There are way too many witches about – and other creatures who terrify our little friends. The best solution  is to lock themselves up snugly in their homes – which, as you can see, is what they do!

Irish fairies at Halloween in Ireland


It is also the time of the year when the fairies on the Irish Fairy Trails in Parknasilla, Derrynane and Adare Manor start making activity lists for the winter.  It is so dark in the winter time that the fairies can be even busier than in the summer time. As you know, this is because they only come out in the twilight and in the dark after the sun has set.

Their houses must be made secure from the wind and the rain – and even sometimes  snow that falls in the south of Ireland. Occasionally they  move in with a fairy friend for while and send their houses away (with a magical wave of a wand) to be painted and insulated from the bad weather!


Fairy sightings in Ireland

Fairy sightings in Ireland?

Its a serious question – have any fairies been spotted recently? We think they have.

With the recent very warm weather, certain areas near the shore have shown unusual sightings. Maybe it was just a piece of seaweed floating by – but  what would you think?

family activities in Kerry


Not alone was there a glimmer of a fairy like creature floating on the seaweed. Nearby in a deeper pool something else came to light.

P1050504 underwater house copyWe think that there may be a colony of underwater fairies – like mermaids, living in and around the rock pools in Derrynane, near their cousins in the woods.

Summer is finally here – fairies rejoice!

Do you want to find some fairies? Well, you just might be lucky now!

After a long winter and a very cold spring, the fairies are just beginning to venture out in the  warmer evenings.                                                                                                               A fairy ventures out to the beach at Derrynane

If you should visit the Fairy Trails in Derrynane or Parknasilla your could easily spot a flutter through the corner of your eye as a little fairy dashes by.

A friend of ours was coming back from the  Long Beach in Derrynane the other night and thought she heard something unusual – she grabbed her phone and  to take a picture and low and behold, she caught sight of a tiny little shadow passing the sand dunes,  heading back towards the woods.

I wonder what house this little fairy lives in and what her name is ? Perhaps it was Fairy Lynn –  who we know has a house nearby.

The other thing that was noticed on the low tide late on Saturday night was a tiny boat moored  on a sand bank. Someone had made a wooden walkway over the sand so that they would not get sandy feet. We recognized the workmanship of the walkway and KNOW that the Fairies form Parknasilla MUST have been visiting their cousins!

A fairy boat arrives in Derrynane

The Easter Bunnies and the Fairies

Easter time for the fairies

Easter has finally arrived on the  Irish Fairy Trails and my goodness the fairies are really very happy about this.

You may have noticed that there has not been very much going on recently. The Fairies have been hibernating for the winter and sleeping a lot.  With the cold weather freezing their wings it’s hard to fly. Then there is the EASTER BUNNY situation.

Now friends,  you may have seen a scene such as this today. Bunny rabbits and Easter eggs in the woods.

Irish Fairy Trails easter bunnyPerhaps you did not see the bunnies, but found loads of eggs and ate loads of chocolate – yum!

The thing is, bunny rabbits are very scary things for fairies. They think that bunnies are monsters because some of them are bigger than their houses. IMAGINE THAT!

See  how big this bunny was in front of  Bluebelle’s fairy’s house above?

Bluebelle  just came out for a peep to see if the coast was clear when she reckoned the bunnies had gone. Was she in for a big surprise!

Those big eggs, ‘What are they? she said. “What will I do?’ because they were bigger than her front door….. and there were so many of them!

Fairy Easter eggsThen she fell on an egg and  in her efforts to move it, it broke:(

EUREKAWith her face stuck in the giant egg, she then realized that they were ALL yummy chocolate!

There are no eggs in our picture below, and Bluebelle  is hiding her tummy. Guess why?

Do the fairies think the Easter bunnies are scary anymore? NO stupid!

Fairies out again after the Easter Bunny