When the Force visited the Kingdom

Fairies Fear the Force

Recently, the fairies in Darrynane were alarmed. Word was out that The Force had returned to the Great Skellig Island in the Kingdom of Kerry.
Fairies on Skellig MIchael One of our little fairies asked a friendly gull to bring her out to see what was going on.

When she returned home she told her friends that everyone needed to be very careful  as there were strange happenings on Skellig Michael.

The first thing that was decided was to build a look-out house on nearby Scariff Island.

They watched with interest as boats and flying bumble bees swarmed on and off the great rock. This went on for a whole week!  Scariff Island in Co KerryThere were people called parapizzas all over the place, looking for a man called Luke who walked on the sky. Nobody knows if they found him.

Back by the beach in Derrynane, the fairies got even busier. They started building fortifications to defend themselves – should this Force come ashore to upset their habitat. They built new houses and special sandcastles, covered with a sprinkling of golden fairy dust for protection.


Irish Fairy Sandcastles


As quickly as it started, all the excitement ended. The fairies returned to their cosy little houses in the forest.







Fairies swim in the Wild Atlantic Way

Fairies catch  a ride to visit their cousins.

With the fine weather and lots of sunshine, our fairies have started swimming again in the Wild Atlantic Way. Luckily, it has not been very wild!

Yesterday evening, someone spotted a small fairy leaping off a rock in Parknasilla to catch a fish-ride up the estuary to visit her cousins in Derrynane.
Swimming in the Wild Atlantic Way

It was a long swim , and took over an hour. Just outside Derrynane Harbour, our little friend had a terrible fright when she spotted a HUGE fin jutting out of the water. Never in her life had she been so afraid. However it was not  anything to be scared of because it turned out to be a friendly basking shark

Basking shark  near Derrynane

A Winter Tale

Storms play havoc on fairy lives

Do you remember the beautiful summer we had in Ireland in 2013?


The fairies had a lovely time, flying and flitting about Derrynane Bay, popping down to the beach for a quick swim, and even visiting ancient sites.

But what has happened to this beautiful place where the fairies had such fun?….. well winter storms have played havoc since the Christmas holidays. Now, visiting Abbey Island is nearly impossible because the sea has taken over – except when the tide is very low.


Mere mortals cannot cross the sand to visit loved ones in this beautiful resting place.

Where once fairies  played around the dunes, a different vision now appears
Dunes in Derrynanestorm damage to dunes in kerry

And consequences are hard to bear….

But we  have high hopes that things will change again soon, because fairies love having visitors come to these magical shores and experiencing a totally unique environment….

derrynane long beach sunset


The Fairies Christmas tree

A fairy decorated Christmas Tree

The fairies have created a special Christmas tree this year and they  have decorated it in specially fabricated glass baubles. Each of these magic glass baubles has a miniature  fairy house enclosed within …. some little fairies have also managed to get in themselves! ……At least  they can stay dry from the Irish rain this week in these little glass baubles!

Fairy Christmas Tree