The Houses

Here are some of the Fairy Houses  that you will find on our Irish Fairy Trails!round house small P10309952hhh P1030591dds P1020634hkgk P1020620hgjg nofairy IMG_6953jj IMG_6946kk IMG_6930kjgj IMG_6926jhk IMG_6912jhgk IMG_6896asas IMG_6849jj IMG_6844zxz IMG_6834jjjj IMG_6810jj IMG_6806jj IMG_6795jj IMG_6793zsada A cosy fairy house 2012-03-08-039 ADSCF4780MMsdf aDSCF4829MMklho

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4 thoughts on “The Houses

  1. Hi, we have been there last week and we found it very fascinating, very nice idea.
    Planning to make something like this in our garden for our grandchildren.
    Thanks a lot for this lovely houses.
    Best greetings from

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