A new Fairy Trail has emerged!

Fairies in County Wicklow!

An unusual occurrence, seemingly linked to the solar eclipse took place recently. It seems as though some fairies took advantage of the daylight darkness and took flight  from the wilds of Kerry to set up a new commune in the lush countryside of Co. Wicklow
solar eclipse in Ireland.
How this occurred is a matter of scientific fact. It is well known that fairies never travel in the light of day. They need a shield from  prying eyes, and what better than an eclipse of the sun?

So where can this new Fairy Trail be  found? Is it in a historical location ,with magical links to the past?  It seems that it is.

On a misty morning on the 20th March, a gardener at the Russborough Estate near Blessington in Co. Wicklow, was checking the grounds. P1000322There had been some commotion earlier when the sun disappeared.His dog was upset. He checked the maze, but nothing was amiss there, so he headed  past his cottage to the small island, known as Ladies Island, nearby.P1000328sm

He crossed the Japanese bridge and thought he heard something, so he investigated further.

What a surprise. He nearly stepped on a small house burrowed into a tree. It was the cutest thing he had seen for a long while. He looked further, and guess what, there was an actual magical trail to follow,  leading to  more miniature houses!

WHAT A STORY THIS IS GOING TOP BE! Follow our blog to find out more.

Russborough Fairy Trail in County Wicklow

(Opening on 4th April, 2015. Visit the Russborough House website for details)