Awesome new Fairy House in Derrynane

P10404982A Fairy House has appeared, full of mementos and beautiful miniature ceramics in the Derrynane woods.

New Fairy House in Caherdaniel

The house is dedicated to a very special person, Ita Corridan, who sadly passed away after a brief illness in the autumn of 2014.

Ita was much-loved in the local community and well-known to visitors at Derrynane House. She worked for many years in the café at this National Monument in County Kerry. Ita was very involved with local community activities and with the church in Caherdaniel. Her hobbies included walking, hiking, sunbathing, swimming, reading and collecting fine china. Visitors to Ita’s fairy house will see tiny depictions of these hobbies, beautifully handcrafted by local ceramic artist, Cara Turner.

Cancer ribbon and kerry flagOutside, a cancer ribbon hangs over the door frame, a Kerry flag flies from the chimney pot and a swimsuit and beach towel dry on a tiny clothes line.

clothes line for fairies







Inside, a sideboard holds miniscule cups and saucers to depict Ita’s collection of fine china. On a table, a book rests waiting to be read. A pair of hiking boots is placed inside the door. The highlight of the interior of the house is the family itself.
Ita Corridan's Fairy House

Ceramic figures of Ita, with her husband Tom, son Joe, grandson Adam, and daughters Eimear and Dee. Tom is a keen cyclist and a bicycle wheel rests by his feet. Ita is holding a cake, she was a wonderful baker and produced many mouth-watering delights for visitors to Derrynane House.

“Ita was a great supporter of the Fairy Trail in Derrynane” noted fairy house builder, Ginny. “This little house is a gesture of thanks”.  

Irish Fairies


Did anyone spot any new Fairy houses?

What to do on a wild an windy summer day in Kerry!

Fairy windows in IrelandWith so many blustery days this summer, it’s no wonder the fairies have been busy indoors. They have been hollowing out a tree to make a new three storey tree home in Derrynane Woods. They even put displays in some windows of their precious possessions..

So this is what the fairies do when the weather is not great. They get VERY busy – just to keep warm!

– maybe you might be able to peep behind the curtain to see what is hiding there!

If you go out in the woods today – you never know what you might spot.Click the pic!

Kerry fairy house







Isadora’s Holiday in Kerry

A Holiday Break by the sea in Kerry

Not long ago, we told you that Marigold was keeping an eye on Isadora’s house. This was because Isadora was taking a holiday break in Kerry for Easter. Here she is in Derrynane, where she met some of her fairy cousins.

Fairy holidays in Kerry
Isadora on holidays in Kerry

When she came back home to her house in Russborough in County Wicklow, she was a little sad because it looked as if someone had tried to break her front door down. Marigold told her not to be concerned because all the children who visit the woods are going to be much more careful about knocking on Fairy Doors. from now on.

Travelling back deeper into the wood, Marigold was delighted to see that all was well at her own home – she was also happy that she didn’t have to worry about Isadora’s house anymore.

Irish Fairies in Russorough
Marigold’s House


Irish Fairy Cousins

What you need to know about Fairies who live on the Irish Trails

We are all different, yet all connected through hundreds of years of Fairy Communications!. The very newest trail that has been discovered is unique, insofar as the actual fairies have been identified by name…. AND the houses that they live in can be found!

Last week, over 1,000 folk visited Russborough House in Co. Kildare, and experienced the recently discovered fairy trail on Ladies Island. Little ones, with parents and grandparents were all keen to see what was afoot – and under their feet. Everyone had a great day!

One lucky ‘Spotter’ caught sight of Marigold last week. Marigold lives deeper in the forest and the picture below is actually Isadora’s home. Marigold was just checking things out for Isadora as she is on her Easter Holidays.Marigold

One thing that humans should note is that fairies have magic shadows. Can you see Marigolds’ shadow? If you can catch one you will be very lucky – so keep your eyes peeled!

Everyone needs to know that fairies are delicate creatures and their houses should be treated with respect – as all humans should treat others. If you are lucky enough to visit a visit a Magic Fairy Kingdom, please remember this:)

We will keep you posted about ALL our community news!


A new Fairy Trail has emerged!

Fairies in County Wicklow!

An unusual occurrence, seemingly linked to the solar eclipse took place recently. It seems as though some fairies took advantage of the daylight darkness and took flight  from the wilds of Kerry to set up a new commune in the lush countryside of Co. Wicklow
solar eclipse in Ireland.
How this occurred is a matter of scientific fact. It is well known that fairies never travel in the light of day. They need a shield from  prying eyes, and what better than an eclipse of the sun?

So where can this new Fairy Trail be  found? Is it in a historical location ,with magical links to the past?  It seems that it is.

On a misty morning on the 20th March, a gardener at the Russborough Estate near Blessington in Co. Wicklow, was checking the grounds. P1000322There had been some commotion earlier when the sun disappeared.His dog was upset. He checked the maze, but nothing was amiss there, so he headed  past his cottage to the small island, known as Ladies Island, nearby.P1000328sm

He crossed the Japanese bridge and thought he heard something, so he investigated further.

What a surprise. He nearly stepped on a small house burrowed into a tree. It was the cutest thing he had seen for a long while. He looked further, and guess what, there was an actual magical trail to follow,  leading to  more miniature houses!

WHAT A STORY THIS IS GOING TOP BE! Follow our blog to find out more.

Russborough Fairy Trail in County Wicklow

(Opening on 4th April, 2015. Visit the Russborough House website for details)

When the Force visited the Kingdom

Fairies Fear the Force

Recently, the fairies in Darrynane were alarmed. Word was out that The Force had returned to the Great Skellig Island in the Kingdom of Kerry.
Fairies on Skellig MIchael One of our little fairies asked a friendly gull to bring her out to see what was going on.

When she returned home she told her friends that everyone needed to be very careful  as there were strange happenings on Skellig Michael.

The first thing that was decided was to build a look-out house on nearby Scariff Island.

They watched with interest as boats and flying bumble bees swarmed on and off the great rock. This went on for a whole week!  Scariff Island in Co KerryThere were people called parapizzas all over the place, looking for a man called Luke who walked on the sky. Nobody knows if they found him.

Back by the beach in Derrynane, the fairies got even busier. They started building fortifications to defend themselves – should this Force come ashore to upset their habitat. They built new houses and special sandcastles, covered with a sprinkling of golden fairy dust for protection.


Irish Fairy Sandcastles


As quickly as it started, all the excitement ended. The fairies returned to their cosy little houses in the forest.