No Halloween Holiday for the fairies

It’s Scary for Fairies at Halloween

People may think  that Halloween is a great time for fairies, but this is not the case. There are way too many witches about – and other creatures who terrify our little friends. The best solution  is to lock themselves up snugly in their homes – which, as you can see, is what they do!

Irish fairies at Halloween in Ireland


It is also the time of the year when the fairies on the Irish Fairy Trails in Parknasilla, Derrynane and Adare Manor start making activity lists for the winter.  It is so dark in the winter time that the fairies can be even busier than in the summer time. As you know, this is because they only come out in the twilight and in the dark after the sun has set.

Their houses must be made secure from the wind and the rain – and even sometimes  snow that falls in the south of Ireland. Occasionally they  move in with a fairy friend for while and send their houses away (with a magical wave of a wand) to be painted and insulated from the bad weather!


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